Helen de Larrinaga, a lawyer specialized in aviation, socializes after work in the streets of Paris.

Interview with a Parisian Lawyer

Helen has that Parisian style that we all want; she wears minimum make up and she is gorgeous. She is a very good friend and a very good lawyer. She hates gossip and we love to laugh together. We meet pretty often in different locations as we usually go to the same aviation events.

Helen is a successful woman. Being a partner at 32 is a very big achievement and she is always sets a good example.

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Component MROs And Traders Take Long View

Aviationweek.com: With global air travel severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the component MRO market is expected to take a hit, at least in the short term. Yet suppliers of engine and aerostructure components maintain that demand is generally holding steady despite projected decreases in MRO spending and some pricing pressure. More at Aviationweek.com. Share …

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Anca Mihalache

Business strategy in times of crisis

The economy is affected in a totally unknown way. Governments have had to face some challenges they themselves are discovering only now; they get inspiration from other countries for what to do to keep the societal balance, including the physical and mental health of the population. Almost everywhere in the world, for those lucky enough to have the option, one can work from home; shops with non-essential products are closed as are gyms, hair salons, and restaurants. Concert, festivals, weddings with many guests will most likely be cancelled in 2020. There are also professional events that are postponed or canceled. In aviation, for example, March, April and May are the busiest months in terms of conferences, meetings or fairs.

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