Carmen Mihalache and Anca Mihalache / Carmen Mihalache și Anca Mihalache


Here’s a number that sounds pretty unpleasant if you contemplate it. It refers to the accumulated years. Normally, this age can be the end or the way to the end. I try to convince the interlocutors when such discussions occur that this is not the case. The paths of each of us can be shorter or longer, with winding roads or many intersections. What does this depend on? I do not know. I know that we can make it pleasant even if it is sprinkled with inevitable troubles from time to time. After all, it also depends on the way each of us is. Some like to socialize, some isolate, some are happy by nature, for others it rains even when the sun is shining. Some love the heat, others don’t. We are very different and that is beautiful.

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